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Our eggs will hatch! Pure bloodline Ayam Cemanis should be all black, have an oyster mouth, and bones, meat are black. The feathers have a beautiful array of purple, green and blue when the sun hits them. These eggs come from, imports, Greenfire farms, and a Raven bloodline. They have been NPIP/AI tested and certified. When you place your order please check as to wether or not their is a waiting period. Typically we try to fulfill the orders right away with fresh fertile eggs. You will also get a care sheet and, handling cards. Proper incubation is up to you! We do provide instructions in the care sheet to help aide in the process. We always send extra to make sure you geta quality hatch rate. THIS PRICE IS FOR EACH EGG.

Ayam Cemani hatching eggs

SKU: AyamE1
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